Spectrum filament PET-G FX120 1.75mm 0.5 kg | více barev - Barva filamentu, Spectrum: Šedá - Iron Grey


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Černá - Obsidian Black
Černá - Obsidian Black
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Čirá - Clear
Šedá - Iron Grey
Šedá - Iron Grey

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Kód produktu: spe_0538-3 Možnosti dopravy a platby

Filament Spectrum PET-G FX120

Excellent durability, strength and flexibility

Spectrum PET-G FX 120 is a flexible material, designed especially for engineering applications requiring both the durability of an engineering-class polymer and strength, enabling designers to create rapidly truly functional parts to withstand normal use.

Parts made out of Spectrum PET-G FX120 filament exhibit high chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and can be steam sterilized. The material is adapted to the use of a high level of cooling rate, which makes it possible to obtain a very high-quality surface and a significant reduction of filament stringing. Spectrum PET-G FX120 can be printed with increased operating speeds, as compared to other elastomers.

Spectrum PET-G FX120 belongs to the group of rigid elastomers. As a result, it can be effectively used on devices with a Bowden filament feeding mechanism, as well as in more and more popular multi-material printers - then it can be perfectly combined with the classic PET-G filament. The additives used in the development of this material significantly increased the maximum operating temperature - even up to 120 ° C.

Tip: It is recommended to print using a heated chamber.

Key features:

  • Dimensional stability
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Excellent durability
  • A wide processing range
  • Low odour
  • Properties retained in 3D applications
  • Possibility to steam sterilise
  • Styrene-free
  • 95A Shore hardness


  • production of items, which has to be used as energy adsorbents
  • manufacturing of seals with a high chemical resistance
  • tooling
  • end-use parts
  • product testing
  • elastic damping elements
  • protection against ex. sharp edges


Filament wound on a transparent PC spool. The spool contains information about the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Each reel is packed in aluminium vacuum bag with ZIP lock with a silica gel inside.

VERIFY YOUR SPOOL – the most precise quality control system on the market

Filament for 3D printers is manufactured by the method of free extrusion, which is one of the most difficult processing techniques by extrusion, due to the particularly large impact of process parameters on product dimensions and material homogenization.

During the production each 1mm of Spectrum Filament is being continuously measured in 2 axis with ±0.8µm accuracy, what allows to obtain a high-quality final product. As a proof of this, Spectrum Filaments has introduced, as one of the few manufacturers in the world, the possibility of presenting online, individually for each manufactured spool:

  • the course of diameter on the entire length of the spool,
  • mean diameter,
  • ovality,
  • standard deviation.

Precise survey guarantees that Spectrum Filaments products meet rigorous market requirements.

Hmotnost 0,5 kg
Průměr filamentu 1,75 mm